Increase website sales

Social media can directly influence your company’s bottom line by growing sales while paying nearly nothing. Most of these sites are completely free to use and are full of users. There are hundreds of millions of users on Facebook and being able to directly interact with them is priceless. You can pay to advertise on these sites, but if you are doing everything right you will not need to.

Interact with customers

By definition, social media is a way to interact with your customers and the rest of the world. Basically, social media puts a face behind the company/ brand. Without this, all you have is a website. Many smaller sites have a problem with trust, so having interactions with your customers allows you to gain their trust and believe in your company.

You are able to talk and respond to users now with social sites and blogs. This gives you a competitive advantage, as you will know what your customers like or dislike and can make changes to your business to accommodate the feedback. Now you will have an excellent site that is exactly what your customers want and needs!

Social Marketing, Networking, Bookmarking, & Blogging

What is all this hype about social media, social networking, social bookmarking, blogs, etc? Well, they are here to help companies interact with clients. Companies can directly interact with clients and potential clients, gaining that competitive edge over the competition.

We create multiple profiles across social media websites

Basically we go to the main social networking and social bookmarking creating profiles for your business. These profiles will contain useful information about your company, special deals, or just how you are feeling. Each profile will be filled out completely and will have a strong following.

Some of the sites we will create profiles include the three big ones; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are the most commonly used sites and will benefit your company in many ways. We will also create and manage a company blog, which will be a great place to post news or other useful information about your company.

Update social media profiles weekly

We will constantly maintain and update your social media profiles to show your users that you truly care about them and are an active company. Lack of interactions can be detrimental to your company.

It is best to respond to a customer within one day max. After that, the user is likely to have forgotten about you and moved on to a competitor’s site. By having your profile updated weekly, users will not lose interest and your profiles will continue to grow and expand.

Over time, the profiles will become large enough that users will naturally find you and join you in conversation. This is the ultimate goal of social media marketing and can be achieved within two months of having the profiles created.